Coming to ClueCon

    Dangerous Demos will be featured at Cluecon 2014 for the the 3rd day of the event on the 6th of August from 14:00-15:00 CDT
    The show will run for approximately 1 hour in which contestants will have a maximum of 4 minutes each to demonstrate a piece of innovative coding or software they have developed.

There will be a 90 second changeover between each contestant and the winner will be voted for via an online poll, updating in real time.

Manipulation of the live audience is of course allowed and bonus points will be awarded for demos which:

  • Include FreeSWITCH
  • Contain elements of uncertainty and/or danger
  • Entertain and amuse the audience
  • Present clear revenue generating potential
  • Incorporate external parties/services
  • Operate at multiple levels

There will be 3 main prizes donated by Truphone with a fourth ‘bonus prize’ if certain conditions are met.

Prize Categories are as follows:

      • Audience Vote
      • Riskiest Demo
      • Overall Entertainment Value
      • ???

If you wish to enter please contact:

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